Will it appear in 2014 Honda CR-V Mugen?

2014 Honda CRV Mugen

Mugen is famous for plans for Honda designs, but the company transformed its story presentation CR-V concept at the Tokyo Auto Beauty parlor. This crossover looks quite conservative is equipped with a front end that incorporates a changed radiator grille, LED fog lights and alloy ornaments.

2014 honda cr-v mugen rear

There is not much information readily available regarding this concept, however what we could tell, a feasible 2014 Honda CR-V Mugen will certainly have a little reduced profile appearance and modified bumper. We likewise really like the big foglights and LED light bars on the front, while in the rear side we can see quite well changed rear bumper.

2014 honda cr-v mugen side view

With this concept changed new CR-V does not get any performance upgrades, however, it is acquiring a new exhaust system. Dealing with is now provided a sporting measurement, and highly effective housing 4-piston brakes. We ought to likewise state the big 20-inch wheels and wider tires. The inside has likewise received a light refreshing, which include dash panels from carbon fiber, and carbon-style leather-made for the trim.

2014 honda cr-v mugen rear view

As we said, this is still a concept, and we do not know whether the Mugen for 2014 Honda CR-V offer in general their refreshment as a trim package deal.

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