Honda Urban SUV 2013 Concept

honda-urban-suv-concept 2013

Honda announced entry in to the sleek SUV concept auto launch Urban SUV at the Auto Show in Detroit. The car utilizes the platform next-generation Jazz music designs, and the European market must show up 2015th year.Concept announces the stylistic features of a future production design, with numerous rounded lines, low roofline and reduced shape. Honda describes the auto as “a powerful and stylish but spacious and useful.” Concealed rear door handles make the impression of a coupe in account.

2013 Honda Urban SUV Concept

Honda Urban SUV concept is planned to provide the basis for a fun and fuel-efficient little SUV with superb style, adaptable devices and next generation connection to targeted consumers with active way of lives. The concept shows a tidy and innovative styling, powerful personality lines and strong mindset with concealed rear door manages, offering this SUV and coupé features. With an overall length of 4315 mm, Honda Urban SUV Concept is 230 mm shorter than the models of Honda CR-V, making it equally perfect for relocating crowded urban area roads and hill trails.

2013 Honda Urban SUV Concept

New Honda Urban SUV concept stands for a growth of new vehicles on the production of Honda Global Compact Collection design, which includes the city’s model Honda Fit and Honda Urban area designs sold in markets outside the America. A new little SUV model based on the Honda Urban SUV Concept-in, which will certainly appear in the U.S. next year, will have Earth Dreams Technology-eye for saving fuel and will certainly be placed here the model Honda CR-V Honda SUV in the segment. As component of Honda Global Compact Collection models and using genuine Honda exterior design contained in the model fit, the brand-new model will showcase in Honda-adjustable Seat Miracle System to give clients loads of passenger and cargo options, including the seats are folded flat floor for getting the maximum its capability.

2013 Honda Urban SUV Concept interior

A completely new model also will feature next-generation telematics features and modern interiors. A new small SUV will be assembled with the latest model Honda Fit-ina North American factory near the town of Celaya, Mexico, which will open in the spring of the 2014th year. The growth and expansion of product lines of small cars, Honda will help the company to double its global vehicle production within its Global Compact Series Honda to more than 1.5 million units by the end of 2016, the year, keeping the position of global leader in the manufacture of small cars.

2013 Honda Insight specs


Small car coming from Honda‘s is 2013 Honda Insight model, which has seen very little modifications contrasted to the previous design.Function 2013 Honda Insight version is extremely inexpensive price yet likewise very high fuel intake.Although the price is this little auto did not satisfy the big demand since it has solid competitors coming from Toyota and Ford.

A Honda Integrated Motor Aid ™ (IMA ™) device powers the Idea. Included a 1.3-liter i‑VTEC ® gas 4-cylinder engine and a 10-kilowatt electric motor, the combination develops 98 horse power at 5800 rpm and 123 lb-ft. of torque at 1000-1700 revoltions per minute. To optimize fuel efficiency, friction-reducing steps are used throughout the engine and the transmission.

2013 Honda Insight

The Honda Idea’s passenger log cabin is a little on the spartan side, particularly in foundation models that do not have the center console and have simply a single pair of speakers for the stereo. On a good note, evaluates and regulates are well-placed and user-friendly. Specifically noteworthy are the visual screens that coach you on steering in the most fuel-efficient fashion feasible, with transforming history color of the speedometer.

2013 Honda Insight interior

2013 Honda Insight begins as less as hybrid and more like a gasoline-powered version. It is mainly to the truth that the four-cylinder engine is constantly made use of to start the vehicle, the electricity motor pitches in when a lot more energy is really needed. This contrasts with the hybrid powertrain as the Toyota Prius in the vehicle to run at reduced speeds over the nuclear power plant. That is why it offers you idea and great city and highway mpg, while other hybrids only provide excellent road mpg.

2013 Honda Insight side

2013 Honda Insight specs

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How does it look accessories for the new Honda CRV 2014?


All tools comes with a new Honda CRV is top quality and will please the most demanding customers.The firm is focuseded on improvement of the brand-new design programs that they are attempting to have their models have the very best feasible equipment and to keep the standard of previous years.Each is meticulously created and much more thoroughly dialed. As you would certainly get out of Honda, every piece of equipment is established, tested and produced to be protected, security and longevity in order to satisfy the standards of top quality and integrity Honda’s.

2014 Honda CR-V

1. 2013/2014 Honda CR-V – Car parking Sensing units

Prevent any type of potentially pricey minor repairs to the auto by putting in auto parking sensing units – 4 front and back. Excellent Parking sensing units are completely incorporated in to the front and back bumpers of the CR-V and utilized to detect otherwise unnoticeable obstacles that occur when steering in tight car parking rooms.

2. Upper and reduced sills grille

Sophistication of this design contributes to the chrome strip above the grille. Reduced face is more enhanced as well as chrome-plated. Both components are styled to match flawlessly with the physical body of the 2013 / 2014 HondaCR-V.

3. Skid Plates

For a much more tough look and better security of underbody defense plates are offered with enhanced light weight aluminum front and rear of the vehicle and for your CR-V. In addition, front and back skid plate suitable with auto parking sensing units and a taken care of and foldable towing drawback.

4. Garnish fog lights

Stylish finish to the 2013 / 2014 CR-V Genuine Accessories Garnish lights in two colors: Alabaster Silver or Crystal Black. Choose a color that flawlessly fits your design.

5. Side sills

Formalized moldings on the sides of color designs.

Sport body

2014 Honda CR-V Sports Suspension

For all motorists of the CR-V who taking pleasure in a sportier ride and a quicker guiding response.

Protectors for windows

2014 Honda CR-V Protectors for windows

Offer a provide of fresh air without rainfall or draft. Home window guards permit comfy opening windows. This function is made of tinted plastic with chrome strips and is totally regular with basic attractive beading of theCR-V.

Side skirts

2014 Honda CR-V side skirts

 Side skirts do not only facilitate entry into the car, but also provide extra style and practicality. This option is available in metallic shades that gives the vehicle a more robust appearance.

Running Boards

2014 Honda CR-V Running Boards

Black Running Boards combine functionality and design. The protective cap can stay black, but also can be painted to complement the body color of the 2014 Honda CR-V.

Exhaust Pipe Finisher

2014 Honda CR-V Exhaust Pipe Finisher

2013/2014 Honda CR-V now offers two endings exhaust which are perfectly formed and made ​​of durable stainless steel. Next to an oval shape, now is available and features a rounded ornaments at the end of the exhaust manifold.

2014 Honda Grom specs,release date and price


New mini motorcycle comes from Honda company.2014 Honda Grom’s fun, nimble and really explosive and he says his label. The 2014 Honda Grom is real refreshment among motorcycles, brand-new means to include some enjoyable, practicality, independence and design to your life. This brand-new machine is a great time to ride, supplying all the enjoyment of a full-sizedbike yet in a package deal that nearly anyone aged enough to have a permit could manage. Honda Grom thrifty engine means.

2014 Honda Grom

you can operate it on wallet change, and you could station it just about anywhere also. Honda Gromis actually wonderful motorbike, the reason for this lies largely in superb engine. There’s a fuel-injected 125cc single driving the fat-tired bike around, and a four-speed gearbox takes care of repositioning obligation. This motorbike is defined by simple maintenance and fuel injected-single cyndrical tube engine. The brand-new Honda Grom could be little, but when it involves features it’s all Honda. The four-speed transmission works just like a full-sized bike’s so you get loads of performance

new 2014 Honda Grom

and control. Hydraulic disc brakes front and back offer you great stopping energy. This bike is quite lightweight, many thanks to that and to a reduced center of gravity this motorbike appearance even smaller sized than it really is.

Release date and price

The Honda Grom will land in showrooms this August with a beginning price of $2.999.

2014 Honda Grom

2014 Honda Grom specs

PRICE $2,999
ENGINE TYPE sohc single
SEAT HEIGHT 29.7 in.

2014 Honda Fit price and engine

2014 Honda Fit

New 2014 Honda Fit that was introduced just recently is a little vehicle for the city, but no matter their dimension company Honda is very proud of this version.The sale will be offered early upcoming year. Honda prepares to bring the 2014 Honda Fit on the cost-effectiveness of an innovator in the auto industry.

Engine of the new Honda Fit

Although there is not yet confirmed anything for Honda Fit, Honda announced 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with direct treatment. Also still no official specification, yet there are signs that this engine will certainly be a 5 % fuel effective. Likewise this Honda engine provides 6 % improvement in torque. It is determined the engine will certainly be the brand-new CVT transmission, with the combo resulting in a 15 percent improvement in acceleration and 10 percent bump in fuel economy.

2014 Honda Fit interior

The powertrain likewise showcases a start-stop system that will shut down the engine when idling, though it’s not yet clear if Honda has any sort of strategies to bring start-stop modern technology to non-hybrid models in The united state. The existing Fit is ranked at 117 hp and 106 lb-ft of torque, while offering 28 mpg city, 35 mpg motorway and an integrated 31 mpg.

Quickly it will certainly begin production of Honda Fit in Mexico, and is expected to improve sales to 200,000 units as a result of development of production lines. Honda intends to fit the design made use of as the basis for a brand-new car and crossover, but it is not understood whether the new versions hold the Fit sign.

2014 Honda Fit side

2014 Honda Fit price

Marketing of 2014 Honda Fit begins in the residential market in September and the rest of the world needs to stand by a few additional months for the premiere. As for the price on the European market value for the base design 2014 Honda Fit will be around 10,000 euros and 13,000 euros for hybrid while the beginning price in the US totaled up to $ 15.500.