2013 Honda Accord price and review


Accord is one of Honda’s most preferred model in the America thanks to the most up to date generation of Earth Dream Engine, a long checklist of energetic protection functions, excellent style and IIHS Leading Safety Select + ranked security.Nevertheless, the reality that this design is preferred, this suggests that lots of people have the very same car, and those who wish to have a certain automobile need to look for alternatives that will make their vehicle distinct.


Of the devices in 2013 Honda Accord is anticipated HondaLink cutting-edge infotainment system, created for Internet addicts, in addition to Twitter and facebook access, have the capacity, through the hookup with smart phones, reading of all relevant details significant to the user, such as paying attention to the radio, information, solution info, with could navigate by voice command.

2013 Honda Accord back

For now, just three engines will certainly be offered in the brand-new Accord: 2.4-liter four-cylinder Dream Earth-engine with 184 hp and 240 Nm, 3.5-liter V6 with 314 hp and 359 Nm, and plug-in hybrid variation 2, 0-liter four-cylinder engine. The biggest competitors to Honda Accord 2013 will be Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Combination, Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima, Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Passat.

2013 Honda Accord interior

2013 Honda Accord price

2013 Honda Accord is readily available with two or 4 doors. Rates are expected to continue to be at $ 20,000 to $ 30,000 assortment for the large majority lineup. A well geared up hybrid V-6 model will certainly set you back regarding $ 30,000.

2013 Honda Accord side

2014 Honda Accord PHEV

2014 Honda Accord PHEV

When we talk of the 2014 Honda Accord PHEV version, we could anticipate a nice cabin area, the probability of relocating electric-only method for a period of 15 to 20 km, and the opportunity of moving around 800km a complete storage tank.
This design attributes a four-efficient brand-new drive devices are readily available in the new Accord design. Accord PHV will likewise offer as the basis for a traditional hybrid version of Accord sedans , which will certainly join the Honda Accord line in the summertime of this year. 2014 Honda Accord PHEV utilizes a brand-new Earth Dreams-TM 2.0 L i-VTEC four-cylinder engine that develops energy and 137ks which is joineded with a 124kW electricity motor. Drive electricity motor is supported LWH 6.7Li-Ion battery. To make best use of driving performance, uniquely made two-hybrid system enables the engine to carry out the PHEV version of the silent transition between a totally power drive and electric-gasoline hybrid, or simply drive on petroleum. It is anticipated that the gas intake of this design will certainly be at the height 2.3 L/60 miles(ONE HUNDRED kilometers). 2014 Honda Accord HEV is likewise a vehicle where a considerable level of

used procedures to minimize auto weight. Hence, the auto has actually been built completely from aluminum front subframe, 17″aluminum tires, aluminum brake pedal, the engine hood and rear bumper light weight aluminum. When it involves wind resistant improvements that this version is a cover that secures the engine of the auto, take the vehicle log cabin floor protector, tailgate spoiler, and also aerodynamic wheel covers.

2013 Honda Micro Commuter

2013 Honda Micro Commuter

Last year, the firm Honda at the Tokyo Electric motor Show revealed a concept called Micro Commuter Concept. This year, there was an opened brand name sales auto, driven by a 15 electric motor that attracts power from a lithium-ion battery Electric model has one seat in advance of the vehicle driver and the 2 youngsters back, but the tail end could be adapted to get one grownup. Micro Commuter evaluates 400 kg and is powered by a lithium-ion battery and power motor of 20 hp. Honda states it is a position of independent moving about 60 miles and an optimal rate of 50 mph (80 km / h).

2013 Honda Micro Commuter

When you sit in it, there is not much different between Honda Micro Traveler and Renault Twizy. There is no assistance in steering or braking; does not also have home windows, however they will certainly quickly be offered as an option. All pertinent info concerning the movement of the automobile is obtained via the Samsung Galaxy tablet computer which powered by photovoltaic panels on the roofing system of the car, which works as a mirror in which the picture go with a video camera placed behind.

Honda Micro Commuter

Besides Honda Micro Traveler model, Honda introduced a device that could interact with traffic lights and inform motorists the amount of more have to wait. It exists a technology that could immediately stop to stop the automobile and at a rate of 40 mph(65 km / h). Length of the small city car is 2.5 meters, size 1.25 m and elevation 1.45 m, and is powered by a 15 energy motor that draws energy from a lithium-ion battery

Honda Micro Commuter interior

If Honda determine to Honda Micro Traveler placed on the European market, it will be a direct rival to the version of Renault Twizy. Unlike the French rival with two seats, Commuter could fit two grownups and 2 children on the “extra” seats. In the future it is prepared with new bodywork variations. Surprisingly, the control panel of this design is a tablet computer.

2013 Honda N Box

2013 Honda N Box

One of the vehicles that can be bought only in the region of Japan is the Honda N Box.Honda of Japan presented the N Box +, even more functional variation of the Honda N Box. Like the typical N Box, and the “Plus” three-cylinder fuel engine powered by a 660 cc (in the model with or without turbocharger), mated to a CVT transmission.

2013 Honda N Box 1

For N-Box in all the subordinate placement, a little to the auto. Thus a square-shaped automobile, with the interior space to a maximum extent. N Box has space for 4 adults, and the back moving doors are built for easy access to the back. The Honda declares that this is just one of the most large automobiles in its class.

2013 Honda N Box rear

The Honda N Box sets are set up ability of just 660 cc. From the Eastern manufacturer did not put the various other specifications, except that of the engines will be turbocharged.

2013 Honda N Box interior

New Honda CR-Z 2013


Redesign design Honda CRZ which appeared in 2010, first showed up in 2012 in the Paris Electric motor Program and has only just recently appeared in the saleEven more power from a Li-Ion battery boosts automobile performance while improving or else remarkable fuel economic situation of this model. Improvements feature changed indoor style, in addition to a new front end of the vehicle, new colors for 16 “light weight aluminum tires, aerodynamic new functional back diffuser and two brand-new exterior colors Passion Berry Pearl and Refined Steel Metallic.

Criterion functions on New Honda CR-Z 2013 models feature Bluetooth HandsFreeLink, Bluetooth Sound, a camera that captures released car, AM / FM / CD / USB audio device with six speakers, automated environment control, power windows, keyless entry and movement control.

New Honda CR-Z 2013 back

Honda CR-Z hybrid powertrain is an unique variation of Honda’s original IMA-technology, which debuted in the 2000 design Honda Insight, the first hybrid design, which was available in the America. The system in the CR-Z utilizes a 1.5 L four-cylinder models with 16-valve engine that obtains additional power from the motor to the brushless direct existing.

New Honda CR-Z 2013 interior

New Honda CR-Z 2013 one has a little even more power, but is still legitimate combination of 1.5-liter gas engine and electric motor. New mapping and a modified system of changeable shutoff timing has raised the lot of “equine” from 114 to 121st Pack of lithium-ion battery power drive with a modified last variety of “horse” places the amount at 137th Increased the maximum torque from 168 to 190 Nm.

New Honda CR-Z 2013 side

Sprint to 62mph (100km / h) takes 9 secs level, which was nearly a second faster than the previous model. Full throttle is 125 miles per hour (200 km / h).