Honda Urban SUV 2013 Concept

honda-urban-suv-concept 2013

Honda announced entry in to the sleek SUV concept auto launch Urban SUV at the Auto Show in Detroit. The car utilizes the platform next-generation Jazz music designs, and the European market must show up 2015th year.Concept announces the stylistic features of a future production design, with numerous rounded lines, low roofline and reduced shape. Honda describes the auto as “a powerful and stylish but spacious and useful.” Concealed rear door handles make the impression of a coupe in account.

2013 Honda Urban SUV Concept

Honda Urban SUV concept is planned to provide the basis for a fun and fuel-efficient little SUV with superb style, adaptable devices and next generation connection to targeted consumers with active way of lives. The concept shows a tidy and innovative styling, powerful personality lines and strong mindset with concealed rear door manages, offering this SUV and coupé features. With an overall length of 4315 mm, Honda Urban SUV Concept is 230 mm shorter than the models of Honda CR-V, making it equally perfect for relocating crowded urban area roads and hill trails.

2013 Honda Urban SUV Concept

New Honda Urban SUV concept stands for a growth of new vehicles on the production of Honda Global Compact Collection design, which includes the city’s model Honda Fit and Honda Urban area designs sold in markets outside the America. A new little SUV model based on the Honda Urban SUV Concept-in, which will certainly appear in the U.S. next year, will have Earth Dreams Technology-eye for saving fuel and will certainly be placed here the model Honda CR-V Honda SUV in the segment. As component of Honda Global Compact Collection models and using genuine Honda exterior design contained in the model fit, the brand-new model will showcase in Honda-adjustable Seat Miracle System to give clients loads of passenger and cargo options, including the seats are folded flat floor for getting the maximum its capability.

2013 Honda Urban SUV Concept interior

A completely new model also will feature next-generation telematics features and modern interiors. A new small SUV will be assembled with the latest model Honda Fit-ina North American factory near the town of Celaya, Mexico, which will open in the spring of the 2014th year. The growth and expansion of product lines of small cars, Honda will help the company to double its global vehicle production within its Global Compact Series Honda to more than 1.5 million units by the end of 2016, the year, keeping the position of global leader in the manufacture of small cars.

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