2014 Honda EV-STER concept

Honda-EV-STER 2014

There’s a brand-new electric car. This is 2014 Honda EV-STER developed by industrial designer from Hong Kong Shau Jex. He states that the car qualifies for undwin end driving in the city, as well as race.R-EV (Electric Vehicle Racing) is really a sports car however adjusted to metropolitan areas.
It is meant for teen who will offer all the convenience and excitement, however likewise safety.

2014 Honda EV-STER

As for the interior, there is long shot to find in recent years in the manufacturing, like these as you can see in the pictures. For me, the main reason for this is in the lack of guiding wheel, rather, is “Twin Lever Steering” control lever. As for me this is an unneeded option. Many of us experienced drivers will be difficult pushed to give up the standard wheel, and go to the joystick. Since this is simply a concept variation, I expect that the new 2014 Honda EV-STER see the steering wheel.

2014 Honda EV-STER back

The dashboard on the EV-STER is covered in solar panels. The car looks wonderful and we ‘d love to see it in production, specifically if an American-market variation is in the cards. And as long as it’s enjoyable to drive, we don’t care if it’s powered by an electric motor and even a diesel.

2014 Honda EV-STER interior

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