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New Honda CR-Z 2013


Redesign design Honda CRZ which appeared in 2010, first showed up in 2012 in the Paris Electric motor Program and has only just recently appeared in the saleEven more power from a Li-Ion battery boosts automobile performance while improving or else remarkable fuel economic situation of this model. Improvements feature changed indoor style, in addition to a new front end of the vehicle, new colors for 16 “light weight aluminum tires, aerodynamic new functional back diffuser and two brand-new exterior colors Passion Berry Pearl and Refined Steel Metallic.

Criterion functions on New Honda CR-Z 2013 models feature Bluetooth HandsFreeLink, Bluetooth Sound, a camera that captures released car, AM / FM / CD / USB audio device with six speakers, automated environment control, power windows, keyless entry and movement control.

New Honda CR-Z 2013 back

Honda CR-Z hybrid powertrain is an unique variation of Honda’s original IMA-technology, which debuted in the 2000 design Honda Insight, the first hybrid design, which was available in the America. The system in the CR-Z utilizes a 1.5 L four-cylinder models with 16-valve engine that obtains additional power from the motor to the brushless direct existing.

New Honda CR-Z 2013 interior

New Honda CR-Z 2013 one has a little even more power, but is still legitimate combination of 1.5-liter gas engine and electric motor. New mapping and a modified system of changeable shutoff timing has raised the lot of “equine” from 114 to 121st Pack of lithium-ion battery power drive with a modified last variety of “horse” places the amount at 137th Increased the maximum torque from 168 to 190 Nm.

New Honda CR-Z 2013 side

Sprint to 62mph (100km / h) takes 9 secs level, which was nearly a second faster than the previous model. Full throttle is 125 miles per hour (200 km / h).

2013 Honda Odyssey review,price and changes

2013 Honda Odyssey

One of the most popular vans in the world that could say that sets the brand-new common in its course, and with each new version, is the Honda Odyssey.2013 Honda Odyssey has a fine-tuned design and can be found in five variants: LX, EX-BOYFRIEND, Ex LoverL, Exploring and Exploring Elite, and they all use the 248-hp 3.5liter V6 engine that attributes Honda.

2013 Honda Odyssey Rear-Side

2013 Honda Odyssey review

The 2013 Honda Odyssey isn’t supplied with specific gee-whiz features, specifically all-wheel drive, keyless ignition/entry and radar-based flexible cruise control, as in the 2013 Toyota Sienna. The Honda Odyssey includes a 3.5-liter V6 ranked at 248 horse power and 250 pound-feet of torque. The LX, EX and EX-L versions send that energy to the front tires through a five-speed automatic transmission; Touring and Touring Elite variations obtain a six-speed automatic. EPA estimates for the five-speed automatic-equipped versions are 18 mpg city/27 mpg freeway and 21 mpg combined, while those suited with the six-speed transmission post 19/28/22.

2013 Honda Odyssey

Although the Honda Odyssey is out-powered by the Toyota Sienna, its velocity is still quick enough to provide confident motorway passing and merging. Visiting versions are a little bit a lot more responsive thanks to a six-speed automated transmission that performs quick, smooth shifts. Other features include a suspension that delivers both a comfortable trip and reasonably crisp dealing with, and also steering that is the quickest and most receptive in this segment.

2013 Honda Odyssey inside

Price of Honda Odyssey 2013

Where the CPO Odyssey starts making good sense is with price. As this post is written, there are 838 CPO instances of the 2011-2013 Honda Odyssey available on, from a low of $19,500 for a 2011 Odyssey LX with more than 66,500 miles on the odometer to a higher of virtually $41,000 for a 2013 Touring Elite with 1,900 miles on it.

Compare that to the 2014 Odyssey, which begins at $29,655 for the LX version and rises to $45,280 for the Touring Elite version, featuring the $830 location cost. When determined purely on the benefits of value, the CPO Odyssey is the much better selection, even if Honda is supplying low-interest funding of 1.9 percent APR for 60 months via Labor Day weekend break.

2013 Honda Odyssey changes

For the 2013 version year, the 2013 Honda Odyssey gets a typical backup cam on all trims. Formerly, a data backup camera was just available on the EX-L, Touring and Touring Elite trims. For 2013, the Aviator, Accord, Crosstour, CR-Z and Ridgeline likewise get a conventional back-up cam.

Besides the backup cam, and some slight, yet to be defined, material changes on some trims, the Odyssey carryovers to 2013 fairly unchanged. The 2013 Honda Odyssey will certainly be available in LX, EX-BOYFRIEND, EX-L, Touring and Touring Elite trims.


Honda Urban SUV 2013 Concept

honda-urban-suv-concept 2013

Honda announced entry in to the sleek SUV concept auto launch Urban SUV at the Auto Show in Detroit. The car utilizes the platform next-generation Jazz music designs, and the European market must show up 2015th year.Concept announces the stylistic features of a future production design, with numerous rounded lines, low roofline and reduced shape. Honda describes the auto as “a powerful and stylish but spacious and useful.” Concealed rear door handles make the impression of a coupe in account.

2013 Honda Urban SUV Concept

Honda Urban SUV concept is planned to provide the basis for a fun and fuel-efficient little SUV with superb style, adaptable devices and next generation connection to targeted consumers with active way of lives. The concept shows a tidy and innovative styling, powerful personality lines and strong mindset with concealed rear door manages, offering this SUV and coupé features. With an overall length of 4315 mm, Honda Urban SUV Concept is 230 mm shorter than the models of Honda CR-V, making it equally perfect for relocating crowded urban area roads and hill trails.

2013 Honda Urban SUV Concept

New Honda Urban SUV concept stands for a growth of new vehicles on the production of Honda Global Compact Collection design, which includes the city’s model Honda Fit and Honda Urban area designs sold in markets outside the America. A new little SUV model based on the Honda Urban SUV Concept-in, which will certainly appear in the U.S. next year, will have Earth Dreams Technology-eye for saving fuel and will certainly be placed here the model Honda CR-V Honda SUV in the segment. As component of Honda Global Compact Collection models and using genuine Honda exterior design contained in the model fit, the brand-new model will showcase in Honda-adjustable Seat Miracle System to give clients loads of passenger and cargo options, including the seats are folded flat floor for getting the maximum its capability.

2013 Honda Urban SUV Concept interior

A completely new model also will feature next-generation telematics features and modern interiors. A new small SUV will be assembled with the latest model Honda Fit-ina North American factory near the town of Celaya, Mexico, which will open in the spring of the 2014th year. The growth and expansion of product lines of small cars, Honda will help the company to double its global vehicle production within its Global Compact Series Honda to more than 1.5 million units by the end of 2016, the year, keeping the position of global leader in the manufacture of small cars.

2013 Honda Insight specs


Small car coming from Honda‘s is 2013 Honda Insight model, which has seen very little modifications contrasted to the previous design.Function 2013 Honda Insight version is extremely inexpensive price yet likewise very high fuel intake.Although the price is this little auto did not satisfy the big demand since it has solid competitors coming from Toyota and Ford.

A Honda Integrated Motor Aid ™ (IMA ™) device powers the Idea. Included a 1.3-liter i‑VTEC ® gas 4-cylinder engine and a 10-kilowatt electric motor, the combination develops 98 horse power at 5800 rpm and 123 lb-ft. of torque at 1000-1700 revoltions per minute. To optimize fuel efficiency, friction-reducing steps are used throughout the engine and the transmission.

2013 Honda Insight

The Honda Idea’s passenger log cabin is a little on the spartan side, particularly in foundation models that do not have the center console and have simply a single pair of speakers for the stereo. On a good note, evaluates and regulates are well-placed and user-friendly. Specifically noteworthy are the visual screens that coach you on steering in the most fuel-efficient fashion feasible, with transforming history color of the speedometer.

2013 Honda Insight interior

2013 Honda Insight begins as less as hybrid and more like a gasoline-powered version. It is mainly to the truth that the four-cylinder engine is constantly made use of to start the vehicle, the electricity motor pitches in when a lot more energy is really needed. This contrasts with the hybrid powertrain as the Toyota Prius in the vehicle to run at reduced speeds over the nuclear power plant. That is why it offers you idea and great city and highway mpg, while other hybrids only provide excellent road mpg.

2013 Honda Insight side

2013 Honda Insight specs

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Honda Concept M


At the car program in Shanghai presented a concept automobile Honda M.This version is a specialized multi-purpose car that is developed largely for the Chinese market.It is anticipated that the complete model of this model will be much more modest in relation to the concept yet will nonetheless definitely keep an excellent style.

Honda Concept M side view

Honda promises that with this design, bring new value to a car that has the attributes of exploring auto with the automobile at the very same time including worth with the realization of comfortable and spacious cabin. This is among the most usual layout, the multi-purpose version especially in regards to the front and rear end of the apartment. Particular data about the performance of this Honda’s concept is still not defined. It explains that this is an automobile with a roomy and comfortable cabin and an automobile that’s likewise fun to drive.

Honda Concept M rear view

Considering that this is only a concept, we expect the production model of the auto looks substantially much more modest, yet that does not imply that they will have a worse style, especially as we consider a Honda Crider design which is a manufacturing version of the Concept C model. Like many of cars presented at the Automobile Program in Shanghai, China in 2013, Honda Concept M must quickly participate in mass production and in mass market should appear very early next year.

Honda Concept M front view