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Honda N-One by Mugen

Honda N One

For the brand-new model Honda N One house receiver Mugen has readied the equipment that comes with a redesigned front bumper that will be equipped with LED lights.Enhancement will likewise obtain front grille and engine.

honda n one mugen 1

The car will certainly get side sill extensions and a new back bumper with twin tailpipes in the middle. Additional changes to the suspension are likewise planned, in addition to 3 types of aluminum tires, turbo stress indicator, repainted indoor panels, the red beginning button, metal pedals.

honda n one mugen - rear

Mugen no scheduled improvements for 660cc gas engine with three-cylinder unit that is available in the climatic and turbopunjenoj version. This energy device is linked to the CVT transmission that drives the front or all-wheel drive, depending upon the version selected.

honda n one mugen interior

Honda Brio 2013

Image with 2012 honda brio

New Honda Brio which showed up this year is mostly designated for the market of India, Thailand and South Africa.The drive of this version will be supplied 1.2 L four-cylinder engine establishing 88ks power and 109Nm of torque. This design will certainly also be readily available with a 1.5 L diesel engineThis auto was very first presented in 2011 and was created as an auto that is a course below the Honda Fit. Honda Brio is a quite sensible small urban area car, which will definitely develop in the future in other markets.

Honda Brio 2013 side

Тхе Honda Brio’s compact physical body dimension – it is 3610 mm long, 1680 mm vast and 1500 mm high – and its little transforming span of just 4,8 m assists to make it extremely sharp and nimble in stuffed urban area website traffic. The Хонда Brio is powered by the 4-cylinder, 1.2 L (73 cu in) L12B i-VTEC fuel engine providing up to 90 PS (66.2 ; 88.8 bhp). It is offered with either a 5-speed handbook or a constantly changeable transmission.

Honda Brio 2013

The Honda Brio might look small from the outdoors rather the cabin is quite roomy. The Honda Brio, unlike several of the opponents, can conveniently suit 4 large sized grownups easily. The little bonnet and boot have freed a great deal of space on the within and it reveals. Yet another aspect that strikes you is the general high quality of plastics.

Honda Brio interior 2013

Unlike a few of the opponents, the 2013 Honda Brio doesn’t featured an automated climate control however that shouldn’t be a large worry about. The speedometer console acquires an ECO feature display – this deals with the motorist’s inputs, the auto’s rate and the equipment you are in to show if the automobile is operating in ECO method or on. The Brio includes the exact same 1.2-litre engine as allure.

Who is the best in the C segment?

2013 is one of the most dramatic when it pertains to competition in the C section.Some of the cars that acquire nominated for this prestigious honor are mainly the Honda Civic and besides the VW Golf, Toyota Corolla, Ford Emphasis and Kia Ceed.
But initially, we will commit a few words Honda Civic, which is in our point of view most of all the frames, but you court for on your own.
Honda Civic 1.8 V-TEC
Honda Civic has the best practice in the C section (yes, yes, better than the Golf). Now on the marketplace is the nine generation of this version, although conceptually relies heavily on its predecessor, the new Civic is a quite particular car. We shall claim just that this vehicle is from fronts lights right to the rear looter developed to make the most of optimize air flow over and around the car. his configuration caused an increase of stability and driving comfort.
As for the inside we shall say that the control panel integrates analog and digital modern technology, and in the spirit of sport is controlled by circular wheel and a centrally placed tachometer. The travel luggage of 460l represents homework to other manufacturers.
In summary, the new Civic might not thrill every one of you with its looks, but thanks to its driveability and initial interior, this automobile goes to the leading of the course C, possibly even to begin with, exactly what do you believe?

VW Golf the guarantee of quality


Undeniably Golf is definitely the most well-liked course of small autos in Europe. A track record takes years and his is certainly a guarantee of top quality. Golf slightly upgraded their designs, almost imperceptibly, and according to market disorders. Nevertheless its design was never his toughest devices, however various other attributes are.

When you find yourself in the cabin of Golf will certainly observe that there rules exquisite ergonomics. Seating placement is best, the controls are in space, and the finish is flawless. Area for passengers in front and back seat has enough, however the torso of 380 litres could possibly be a little deeper.

The Golf is still the most prominent European car, although its advantage over opponents a little melted. The new Golf VII showcases with an excellent engine, ergonomics and of course with image that it has, however, we think that its look is too conventional.

2013 Toyota Auris is now totally various

ads/2013/04/2013-Toyota-Auris.jpg” width=”640″ height=”425″ />

A new Auris generation besides its names and aggregates, it has a little things in common with its predecessor. The front of this model features a wide grille that is in a “V” extends to new and harsh light groups. The designers of the second generation Auris had full hands of work, and it becomes even clearer entering the interior. The ergonomic aspect is significantly improved. Seating area is lower, control is better in your hand, and the instrument panel is brand new.

Also, this model has been significantly improved in the field of dynamics, so that the car is pretty “obedient” and able to follow all the commands given to him by the turn of the wheel. The comfort of new Aurus is at a high level, after all, as with all Toyota models.

This one might find fault with this model is the mixing of different types of material in a small space, and a slightly lower quality of interior plastic.

2013 Ford Focus – sports and family car

2013 Ford Focus

Ford Focus has always been the the top of the best selling car, primarily because it is positioned as a global model. This successful pattern has been applied and for the third generation of this model, which is very highly rated on the American and also on European market. Focus has always been among the greatest representatives in the C segment, and the exception does not represent a model in 2013, which is longer than the Golf as much as 10 cm, and of the Auris is wider by 6 cm.

In the cabin certainly feels spacious, so you get the impression that you’re sitting in the car higher class. It is also necessary to mention that the car has a fantastic sports seats, with the long part of the seating and backrest which perfectly covers the body. The instrument panel is clear and very nicely designed. The finish is not at the highest level, and noticeable gaps are slightly larger, but Ford primarily promotes superior driving dynamics and handling, and it justifies the slightly stiffer suspension.

2013 Kia Cee’d – a favorite from the sidelines

2013 Kia Ceed

2013 Kia Cee’d is a very attractive car, a compact and dynamic shape. The grille is honeycomb, giving the car a bit aggressive look. All of this gives this model a completely different and better appearance than the previous generation.

Like the exterior, and in the interior has created a whole new ambiance. Extension is beyond expectations, and this has influenced quite a bit wheelbase. The dashboard is very easy overviewed and functional. The seats are a little harder, but very deep and precisely shaped.

2013 Kia Cee’d satisfy almost all tastes of European customers. The new Cee’d is enchanting with its looks and driving characteristics, and may be objectionable slightly higher fuel consumption.

2013 Honda Micro Commuter

2013 Honda Micro Commuter

Last year, the firm Honda at the Tokyo Electric motor Show revealed a concept called Micro Commuter Concept. This year, there was an opened brand name sales auto, driven by a 15 electric motor that attracts power from a lithium-ion battery Electric model has one seat in advance of the vehicle driver and the 2 youngsters back, but the tail end could be adapted to get one grownup. Micro Commuter evaluates 400 kg and is powered by a lithium-ion battery and power motor of 20 hp. Honda states it is a position of independent moving about 60 miles and an optimal rate of 50 mph (80 km / h).

2013 Honda Micro Commuter

When you sit in it, there is not much different between Honda Micro Traveler and Renault Twizy. There is no assistance in steering or braking; does not also have home windows, however they will certainly quickly be offered as an option. All pertinent info concerning the movement of the automobile is obtained via the Samsung Galaxy tablet computer which powered by photovoltaic panels on the roofing system of the car, which works as a mirror in which the picture go with a video camera placed behind.

Honda Micro Commuter

Besides Honda Micro Traveler model, Honda introduced a device that could interact with traffic lights and inform motorists the amount of more have to wait. It exists a technology that could immediately stop to stop the automobile and at a rate of 40 mph(65 km / h). Length of the small city car is 2.5 meters, size 1.25 m and elevation 1.45 m, and is powered by a 15 energy motor that draws energy from a lithium-ion battery

Honda Micro Commuter interior

If Honda determine to Honda Micro Traveler placed on the European market, it will be a direct rival to the version of Renault Twizy. Unlike the French rival with two seats, Commuter could fit two grownups and 2 children on the “extra” seats. In the future it is prepared with new bodywork variations. Surprisingly, the control panel of this design is a tablet computer.

2013 Honda N Box

2013 Honda N Box

One of the vehicles that can be bought only in the region of Japan is the Honda N Box.Honda of Japan presented the N Box +, even more functional variation of the Honda N Box. Like the typical N Box, and the “Plus” three-cylinder fuel engine powered by a 660 cc (in the model with or without turbocharger), mated to a CVT transmission.

2013 Honda N Box 1

For N-Box in all the subordinate placement, a little to the auto. Thus a square-shaped automobile, with the interior space to a maximum extent. N Box has space for 4 adults, and the back moving doors are built for easy access to the back. The Honda declares that this is just one of the most large automobiles in its class.

2013 Honda N Box rear

The Honda N Box sets are set up ability of just 660 cc. From the Eastern manufacturer did not put the various other specifications, except that of the engines will be turbocharged.

2013 Honda N Box interior