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2014 Honda EV-STER concept

Honda-EV-STER 2014

There’s a brand-new electric car. This is 2014 Honda EV-STER developed by industrial designer from Hong Kong Shau Jex. He states that the car qualifies for undwin end driving in the city, as well as race.R-EV (Electric Vehicle Racing) is really a sports car however adjusted to metropolitan areas.
It is meant for teen who will offer all the convenience and excitement, however likewise safety.

2013 Honda Gear Concept and photo

2013 Honda Gear

Introducing the brand-new automobile from a business Honda.2013 Honda Gear Concept. Eyes vehicle world, the last days were primarily directed at the International Motor Show in Detroit. Nonetheless, Honda has actually amazed everyone and the continuous auto show in Montreal, Canada presented the concept of a little city automobile called Gear.

2014 Honda Jade release date and price

2014 Honda Jade

Honda has actually unveiled the 2014 Honda Jade at the 2012 Beijing Electric motor Program as the worldwide concept design for a new-value vacationer mover. This car has actually been included with innovative design established based upon an image of Jade stone with a spectacular exterior appearance and worthwhile feeling of top quality within. Business declares that 2014 Honda Jade will certainly be extremely excellent for everyday usage to holiday driving encounter. Honda defines that this auto has actually been developed to match the preferences of 80 â ² s Chinese clients that are generally energetic and comprehended for seeking their desires.

2013 Honda S2000 Modulo Climax engine and release date

S2000 Modulo Climax

At this year’s Tokyo Motor Show Honda introduced the 2013 Honda S2000 Modulo Climax.Modulo S2000 Climax as the use of the old S2000, which add new bumpers and a refreshed interior. Modulo is a label that is used for Honda cars that were built in parts that are not part of the standard factory equipment in cars of this brand.

2014 Honda NSX Type R price and release date

2014 Honda NSX Type R

Earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show premiered 2014 Honda NSX Type R.2009 Honda stopped production of this model, but only four years later, there was a complete turnaround.As the first company Honda has emerged from the financial crisis and has plans in the next five years to double production of its cars.

Do not confuse NSX Concept shown at the Detroit Auto Show had a sign Acura, and on the Geneva Auto Show (March last year) had sign of the Honda. Acura is Honda’s luxury version, so in the future all the concepts of luxury cars will have Acura a sign. 2014 Honda NSX Type R  is expected during the 2014th year and next to coupes Honda will also offer a roadster.

2014 Honda NSX Type R back

Honda prepare NSX Type R, even faster and more extreme version, which will be on the market 18 months after the standard NSX’s. It is not known how many HP will manage new 2014 Honda NSX Type R, but will in any case will be distinguished by a sleek look, lighter weight, and modified suspension.

What you may did not know, the new Honda NSX will be a hybrid, which means it will combine centrally located 3.5 V6 petrol engine with about 300 hp, electric motors, permanent all-wheel drive and dual clutch transmission.

2014 Honda NSX Type R interior

2014 Honda NSX Type R price and release date

Each problem can be a price, as the Japanese producer wants to keep it within about 31,000 euros.
Also, in addition to presenting a new version of the design NSX, Honda plans to present a brand-new open sports model with a strong traveleding dynamics, which is arranged to run 2014th years in Japan.

2014 Honda NSX Type R side