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2013 Honda CRF450X specs

2013 Honda CRF450X

One of the motorcycles that has a relatively large array of the 2013 Honda CRF450X. This is really a brother of the CRF 450R.2013 Honda CRF450X is a very easy and simple to drive and the right is the future of motorsport. New model for 2013 has set some high standards when motorbikes and their future is in concern.

2013 Honda Silver Wing specs and price

2013 Honda Silver Wing

The very best thing, with a brand-new motorcycle called the 2013 Honda Silver Wing, is that it has a fairly large tank so you do not have during a long drive to consider whether to remain on the path of fuel. This scooter is not so little as it may appear in the beginning look. There are a lot of fantastic storage area.

2013 Honda CRF110F price and specs

2013 Honda CRF110F

New 2013 Honda CRF110F is the replacement model for the CRF70F.This rough terrain motorcycle offers a perfect blend of comfort and sportiness and has an important place among off-road motorcycles.

2013 Honda Shadow Phantom review and specs


When you look at the new 2013 Honda Shadow Phantom motorcycle you will see that it is simply the right model for you.This is perhaps the most impressive motorcycle that Honda has.It has a distinctive look that could be described as evil look that you simply enticed to take for himself one such model.

2013 Honda CB500F specifications,price and colors

2013 Honda CB 500F

2013 Honda CB500F is one of the motorcycles from the company to use the new 500cc engine.The new engine capacity of 400 cc, in principle, the revised two-cylinder engine model Honda CBR500R/CB500F/CB500X which shortens the cylinder stroke.