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2013 Honda Civic Hybrid price and specifications

2013 Honda Civic Hybrid

New 2013 Honda Civic Hybrid was introduced in the UNITED STATE market a couple of months ago.2013 Civic was generated in the car variation. Its hybrid device includes a four-cylinder gas engine combined with an electric motor.2013 Honda Civic Hybrid makes use of the current innovation of lithium ion batteries, and incorporated gas intake is about 5.2 litres each 60 miles (100 km).

New Honda Civic Type R arrives in 2015

2015 Honda Civic Type R

Takanobu Ito, CEO of Honda , confirmed that the Civic gets 2015th year , in addition to the new fuel cell driven vehicles . With them comes the new subcompact SUV .Europe will have the great privilege because the Type R is intended solely the continent and will be used during the development of all the experience gained in the WTCC World Touring Car Championship , where Honda has recently compete .

Honda civic type r 2013 side

Takanobu Ito, CEO of Honda , confirmed that the Civic gets 2015th year , in addition to the new fuel cell driven vehicles . With them comes the new subcompact SUV .
Europe will have the great privilege because the Type R is intended solely the continent and will be used during the development of all the experience gained in the WTCC World Touring Car Championship , where Honda has recently compete .
Ito ‘s clear he wants to be the fastest car with front-wheel drive on Nurburgring track, which means that it must be faster than the Renault Megane 265 Trophy model and time of 8 minutes 7.9 seconds . Dave Hodgetts , director of Honda UK , said that the Type R have at least 265 HP but that engineers target figure closer to 300 HP .

Honda civic type r 2013 Rear

Tests on the aforementioned German track start this fall , and production will start in Swindon factory in the 2015th year. Hodgetts said that the handling and responsiveness of aggregate develops the recipes applied in the WTCC championship but would not confirm whether the car will get the same 1.6 -liter turbo engine in a race car .
“It is possible but it is also up to 2.0 turbo options as possible.”
Civic Type R is also the first and the key model of the future of the entire series performantnih model that Honda is preparing to play: “We want to introduce the whole family models that will be the primary use to be sports oriented but with the practical aspects.”
One of the models in the series will be subcompact SUV , as rival Nissan Juke crossover , based on the recently predstavlenoj generation Jazz hatchback / MPV . Hodgetts and Ito confirmed that under consideration and the Civic -based crossover SUV, MPV , styling modeled on the 2009 Skydeck concept.

2013 Honda Civic Type R interior

In addition to confirming Do 2015. was introduced in selling new production model powered by a fuel cell , the FCX Clarity likely successor , Honda added that developing a new hybrid system with a single , a pair or 3 motors . The technology will be used throughout the full range of future Honda models , covering everything from Jazz with a consumption of 2 liters of the NSX supercar with hybrid plug them Sistemm and AWD . The aforementioned will use the concept of one- and three electric motors, while the one with the two models to be uptrebljavan middle class.
Honda’s goals are clear. Besides the desire to restore the distinctive sportiness gracing the models to a decade ago , also wants to increase market presence by 60% to 2017. year.

2013 Honda Civic Mugen

Honda-civic-mugen 2013

Mugen has actually presented a new assortment of devices for the ninth-generation Honda Civic designs. Created to highlight the stylish model, Mugen supplies a plan of wind resistant tools that features two-piece front spoiler, modified side skirts, back bumper and a popular rear wing.

Honda Civic Mugen Styling Package

The European model of the prominent Civic recently received major sporty look. This is many thanks to the brand-new aero package of additions that I stacked it on the supplier, but the hatchback lovers will quickly have the ability to steer even more attractive many thanks to the Civic Mugen which is likewise taken part in customizing its looks.

Honda civic mugen rear

Honda Civic Mugen gained many thanks to a brand-new front spoiler, a different grille, brand-new floor covering, back diffuser, several combinations of tires and a back spoiler that provides it a much meaner appearance. Mugen exists something else included carbon, aluminum and unavoidable Mugen tags.

Honda civic mugen - interior

The above aesthetic alterations however not monitored and those technological and Honda Civic customers will certainly still have to make do with the Honda is presently supplying. That will go to the very least till the center of the years came when the new Honda Civic Kind R.

Driving the 2013 Honda Civic

2013 Honda Civic

New Honda Civic 2013 has passed the test ride of 100 kilometers.Initially it showed up that the new version is almost the same to its precursor but it ends up that driving is not so.Car looks much more muscle and larger compared to its precursor.

Honda Civic Si Sedan 2013

The shape is from the past, yet all the body panels are changed forms. The front part of a fad of that provided the Idea and the FCX Clearness. Dizaneri have actually tried to use an assortment of lines and bumps on the physical body provide it the character of Honda Civic as viewed from the side, rather additionally to conceal the absence of “area” catch of the previous model. Appealing and tail lights, which are one of the most raised in the vehicle sector. The interior is, baseding on Honda’s common, relatively well organized and original. All components of the log cabins are really well-matched until the wrap around the motorist.

Honda-Civic-Si-Sedan 2013 rear

The instruments are spread over a number of levels, various color, shape and technology. All controls are within easy scope and some buttons, like the one for “all hazard warning flasher” still appear like difficult candy. Commands in the center console, you could easily use while driving since they are quite useful and big locations. Last few doors opened up under a big angle so as to promote accessibility to the back. Back seat does not offer way too much space, but at the level of the class. Although you can easily put your feet, I hesitate that will contact your head high automobile roofing system.

Honda-Civic-Si-Sedan 2013 interior

Civic trunk is fairly spacious. As long as 477 litres. When you shut down the back seats obtain a totally flat pod. Honde are learneded for their good performance and driveability, rather this one has a green button which is in cost to remove the spirit of sport. It reads through Econ. Eco mode the automobile advises you to a greater equipment, yet switch to 1300 revoltions per minute. It additionally informs you if you accelerate too greatly or stop too difficult. Basically, it aids you to conserve as much fuel during urban area driving. Civic with this engine can increasing to 60 miles per hour in 9 seconds. The selector lever is quite enjoyable to use, and when going through a sharper curve there is no significant body roll. The average consumption in city driving was 7.5 liters.

2014 Honda Civic price and release date


2013 Honda Civic has been upgraded compared to its precursor and the new 2014 Honda Civic versions come with extremely small modifications.What is expected of the brand-new model is a little bit even more of a better array of shades.

Release date

The sale will certainly be due in early 2014 and will certainly be announced in 2015 Civic will certainly come with larger adjustments.

The 2014 Honda Civic  could also supply a few more-upscale attributes, such a pushbutton beginning system and heated front seats, to assist attract customers aiming to downsize their trips to save cash or improve gas economy, rather do not want to give up anticipated comforts.

2014 Honda Civic rear

The foundation Civic’s 140-horsepower 1.8-liter engine could possibly use a bit more muscle, possibly with some added low-end torque to assist allow quicker launches, yet it’s or else competitive with many sleek versions. New Honda Civic has additionally obtained criticism of the rather weaker performance, we expect that Honda Civic 2015 remove this “insufficiency”, if not quicker.

2014 Honda Civic interior

Gas economic climate is expected to stay the same for the 2014 Honda Civic. That means most coupe and sedan models will likely acquire an EPA-estimated 28/36/31 mpg city/highway/combined with the basic five-speed guide transmission and 28/39/32 with the optional five-speed automatic. There’s little reason to wait for the 2014 Honda Civic as significant updates aren’t expected, and you’ll only end up paying a modestly greater price in the process.

2014 Honda Civic side

2014 Honda Civic Price

The 2014 Honda Civicshould achieve display rooms by fall 2013 with approximated platform price around $17,000.