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2015 Honda Grace LX Review and Specs


2015 Honda Grace LX would definitely be a very good car option for all those who are in search for a very stable yet powerful enough car, which is also quite affordable.

Release Date

2015 Honda Grace LX has been officially presented to the world market and interested public in January 2016. After that, the manufacturer announced the commencement of sales. Even thought the sales commenced in June 2015, they would be primarily limited for the Japanese market. It is not known whether the manufacturer would release this car for other markets as well.

2015 Honda Grace Hybrid

2016 Honda LX Grece

2015 Honda Grace LX Price

Taking into account the facts that this car has been released and the sales commenced in July this year, we are familiar with the prices for particular trims of 2015 Honda Grace LX. So, there would be two prices for two different types, the first one is with the front-wheel drive and it would be priced at $14 215, while the second one would be the variant with the four-wheel drive for the price of $15 970.

2015 Honda Grace LX Exterior

The lines and edges of continuously variable transmission would be very smooth and aerodynamic which would also have impact in increasing speed and fuel economy. Furthermore, the latest LED technology would be used for the production of headlights and taillights of 2015 Honda Grace LX. Since we are talking about a sedan, the car has four doors and a door for big cargo area. Ina addition to all this, the manufacturer would most probably use wheel of 16 inches for this model. However, it is speculated that he would soon offer the model with 15 –inch wheels.

2016 Honda LX
2016 Honda Grace LX

2015 Honda Grace Hybrid

 Honda Grace LX Interior

2015 Honda Grace LX would have good and aesthetically pleasing interior design which would be combined with good seats and upholstery materials. There would be two rows of seats for total of five passengers. The manufacturer would use good air condition systems and climate system controls. Needs of the market and demands of potential customers made the manufacturer to include a lot of safety options and high-tech accessories. So, there would be Bluetooth, USB and iPod connectivity in addition to satellite navigation.

2016 Honda LX Grece interior
2016-honda-grace-hybrid-05.jpg interior

2015 Honda Grace LX Engine and Transmission

There is not any doubt that the manufacturer included a very reliable and powerful enough engine option. Regarding the engine option of 2015 Honda Grace LX, the manufacturer opted for a 1.5 liter engine under the hood of this car. This would be an engine with direct injection. We are talking about a DOHC i-VTEC engine. This particular engine option would be paired with the automatic transmission, i.e. it would be paired with the continuously variable transmission. This combination of engine option and transmission would result in reduced fuel consumption, which is expected to be about 21.8 km/l. Also, this combination would result in the increase of acceleration rate of the entire car. This engine option would be able to produce about 132 horsepower, which is quite enough.

The combination of good design, great engine performances and equipment package are very nicely combined with affordable price of 2015 Honda Grace LX.

2015 Honda CRV redesign and release date

2015 Honda CRV

The 2015 Honda CRV overall look is unlikely to change beyond maybe a brand-new colour choice or more. It’ll remain a instead conservative-looking however completely designed chariot, particularly versus fancy opponents such as the Honda Evade and the new-for-2014 Vehicle Cherokee, aside from much more eye-catching challengers like the Mazda CX-5.

2015 Honda Accord Coupe price and design

2015 Honda Accord Coupe

2015 Honda Accord Coupe will receive several information changes after the company working hard to add 2 hybrid models for 2014 lineup. It is true that the car is totally redesign that is inspired by the 2013 model. It has an enhanced fuel economy that brings roomy interior and loosing numerous bulk in it. We heard that the car will acquire four-door sedan as well as two-door coupe. This change indicates that the firm tries to bring the 2013 design back.

2015 Honda Brio review and engine

2015 Honda Brio

2015 Honda Brio MPV Is Particularly Produced for Indonesian Buyers.There’s sufficient conversation in relation to the moving toward of the 2015 Honda Brio. As an outcome of whilst we’re going over a couple of dozen speculative makings of the Honda Brio based mainly MPV, the Honda Possibility Motor released the official sketch of the Honda Brio body-variant.

2015 Honda S660 concept

2015 Honda S660

Do you remember the Honda Beat design of the nineties, a small roadster with a centrally found engine? If several of you this vehicle unknowns, it is since they are just sold in the domestic Oriental market. A comparable model, albeit through ideas, Honda announced just recently, and it actually is a spiritual successor to Beata. His name is 2015 Honda S660.