Acura MDX 2014 review and price

2014 Acura MDX

Governor of the U.S. State of Alabama was one of the more than 1,500 guests at Honda Manufacturing of Alabama (HMA) plant where he celebrated the start of mass production of all-new Acura MDX 2014 luxury sport utility vehicles.HMA is the exclusive global sales source Acura MDX models with drugum key Honda light truck models, including models such as the Odyssey minivan, Pilot SUV and Ridgeline pickup. HMA also built V6 engines that drive each of these models.

Acura MDX 2014 review

Acura MDX 2014 back

The new version of Acura MDX 2014 models are characterized by a 16% increased aerodynamic efficiency compared with the upcoming 2013 model, which is achieved through extensive testing of the new laboratory and wind tunnel company.

Acura MDX 2014 interior

Prototype Acura MDX 2014 has a 3.5-liter VTEC V6 engine with direct fuel injection, drive a four-wheel (with the production model will be offered in a version with only front-wheel drive), and the wheels are usually 20 inches. The engine offers improved torque moemnat with a significant increase in fuel efficiency.

Acura MDX 2014 side

Acura MDX 2014 price

The price you need to set aside for Acura MDX 2014 starts at $ 43,280.

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