How does it look accessories for the new Honda CRV 2014?


All tools comes with a new Honda CRV is top quality and will please the most demanding customers.The firm is focuseded on improvement of the brand-new design programs that they are attempting to have their models have the very best feasible equipment and to keep the standard of previous years.Each is meticulously created and much more thoroughly dialed. As you would certainly get out of Honda, every piece of equipment is established, tested and produced to be protected, security and longevity in order to satisfy the standards of top quality and integrity Honda’s.

2014 Honda CR-V

1. 2013/2014 Honda CR-V – Car parking Sensing units

Prevent any type of potentially pricey minor repairs to the auto by putting in auto parking sensing units – 4 front and back. Excellent Parking sensing units are completely incorporated in to the front and back bumpers of the CR-V and utilized to detect otherwise unnoticeable obstacles that occur when steering in tight car parking rooms.

2. Upper and reduced sills grille

Sophistication of this design contributes to the chrome strip above the grille. Reduced face is more enhanced as well as chrome-plated. Both components are styled to match flawlessly with the physical body of the 2013 / 2014 HondaCR-V.

3. Skid Plates

For a much more tough look and better security of underbody defense plates are offered with enhanced light weight aluminum front and rear of the vehicle and for your CR-V. In addition, front and back skid plate suitable with auto parking sensing units and a taken care of and foldable towing drawback.

4. Garnish fog lights

Stylish finish to the 2013 / 2014 CR-V Genuine Accessories Garnish lights in two colors: Alabaster Silver or Crystal Black. Choose a color that flawlessly fits your design.

5. Side sills

Formalized moldings on the sides of color designs.

Sport body

2014 Honda CR-V Sports Suspension

For all motorists of the CR-V who taking pleasure in a sportier ride and a quicker guiding response.

Protectors for windows

2014 Honda CR-V Protectors for windows

Offer a provide of fresh air without rainfall or draft. Home window guards permit comfy opening windows. This function is made of tinted plastic with chrome strips and is totally regular with basic attractive beading of theCR-V.

Side skirts

2014 Honda CR-V side skirts

 Side skirts do not only facilitate entry into the car, but also provide extra style and practicality. This option is available in metallic shades that gives the vehicle a more robust appearance.

Running Boards

2014 Honda CR-V Running Boards

Black Running Boards combine functionality and design. The protective cap can stay black, but also can be painted to complement the body color of the 2014 Honda CR-V.

Exhaust Pipe Finisher

2014 Honda CR-V Exhaust Pipe Finisher

2013/2014 Honda CR-V now offers two endings exhaust which are perfectly formed and made ​​of durable stainless steel. Next to an oval shape, now is available and features a rounded ornaments at the end of the exhaust manifold.

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