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2016 Honda HR-V Review, Release date and Price


Sport utility vehicles (commonly known as SUVs) are the most popular car type in the world and there are now more sizes and versions than ever. One of the emerging SUV markets is the sub-compact SUV – cars that are significantly smaller than full-size SUVs, but have the shape of the standard SUV. They are cheaper than compact SUVs, while offering similar performance and features. Currently, the two most popular vehicles in the sub-compact SUV market are the Mini Cooper Countryman and Nissan Juke. However, this could change very soon, since the Japanese manufacturer, Honda decided to enter that market with 2016 Honda HR-V.

2016 Honda HR-V

Exterior of new Honda HR-V

The 2016 Honda HR-V will be quite similar to another vehicle from the Honda lineup – Honda Fit. The two cars are going to share the platform and a lot of the design of the exterior. However, the HR-V will be a lot higher than Fit, because it has to look more like a SUV than a hatchback. On the front, HR-V is going to have the same “smiling” front design, with sharp headlights and large grille with Honda chrome logo on the top of it.

2016 Honda HR-V exterior a
2016 Honda HR-V exteior

The back of the car is going to have a rather small back window, along with large roof pillars and arrow-shaped taillights. Furthermore, the whole car will have a plastic protection around wheels and front and rear bumper, which is something that only have SUVs produced for off-road driving.

2016 Honda HR-V Interior

The Japanese manufacturer plans to offer the 2016 Honda HR-V in different version and trim levels. This basically means that the HR-V will have a small list of features and equipment in the base version, while the top-of-the-range model is going to offer luxury features, but it comes at a price.


The 2016 Honda HR-V top trim level will offer seats upholstered in leather, heated front seats, soft plastic dashboard with metallic accents, a large 7-inch touch screen WVGA display which will primarily be used for satellite navigation and infotainment and HD radio with SiriusXM satellite radio and traffic reports.

2016 Honda HR-V interior

All models (including the base version) of the 2016 Honda HR-V will come with Bluetooth connectivity, auxiliary jack and an USB port (which can be used both for connectivity and charging). When it comes to safety features, the HR-V will have rearview camera and parking sensors as part of an optional safety package.

Honda HR-V Engine

The Japanese manufacturer plans to offer the 2016 Honda HR-V in North America with a 1.5l 4-cylinder engine (this engine is also in the Honda Fit), which produces 130 horsepower and 115 lb-ft of torque, paired with CVT transmission. The HR-V will be offered with both front-wheel and all-wheel drive. In Europe, the 2016 Honda HR-V will be offered with a diesel engine, along with that 1.5l petrol. The engine in question is 1.6l diesel which is going to be paired with 6-speed manual transmission.


2016 Honda HR-V Price

The price of the base 2016 Honda HR-V should start at $20,000.

2016 Honda HR-V Release date

The 2016 Honda HR-V should go on sale in North America by the end of 2015 and in Europe at the beginning of 2016.

2016 Honda CR-V Review, Price and Changes


Honda has recently started updating their whole lineup – so we have seen new Accord, new Civic and new City. Now, the Japanese manufacturer is about to unveil the brand-new 2016 Honda CR-V. This popular crossover is one of the best sellers in its class and it appears that the folks at Honda are quite satisfied, especially when you take in account that they have decided only to release the new 2016 Honda CR-V with smaller updates and three new engines, while the next-generation CR-V will bring more changes. According to customer surveys, the CR-V is among the most anticipated crossovers this year.

2016 Honda CRV

 Exterior of  new Honda CR-V

On the outside, the 2016 Honda CR-V is not going to bring anything especially new. The Japanese manufacturer decided to make just small changes on some of the parts of the exterior – on the front, the CR-V will get new headlights with integrated LED daytime running lights (headlights should be similar to the ones we have seen on the new Accord and new Civic), new chrome grille which houses the Honda logo and the new bumper with integrated fog lights.


On the back, the 2016 Honda CR-V will have the same vertical taillights, while the spy shots reveal that the crossover should get a slightly redesigned back door. One important change is that the new CR-V should be slightly shorter than its predecessor, which means that it should be easier to drive around the city. The base version of the 2016 Honda CR-V will come with either 16-inch or 17-inch steel wheels, while the alloy wheels are going to be optional.

2016 Honda CR-V Interior

There have been more changes in the interior than on the exterior of the 2016 Honda CR-V. The Japanese manufacturer wanted the CR-V to have more space inside for passengers, so they have done lots of small changes. Furthermore, there have been some small changes in design, which were done to complement the high quality materials that Honda is going to use for the interior. The revised dashboard now comes in soft touch plastic, 7-inch touch screen display (used for both satellite navigation and infotainment system), cup holders and more cargo space.


Leather seats will be available for all trim versions (in the base version it will be optional, while the higher trim levels are going to be offered with leather seats included) as well as the heated and electric front seats.


2016 Honda CR-V Engine

The biggest change that the 2016 Honda CR-V brings are the three new engines. The smallest engine is the 1.5l turbocharged engine, second is the 1.6l DTEC diesel engine, which will be able to produce 120 horsepower and will do 66 mpg. The third and the most powerful engine is going to be the 2.4l Earth Dreams engine, which is now paired with continuously variable transmission in order to be more fuel efficient.


2016 Honda CR-V Price

The price of the base 2016 Honda CR-V should start at $25,000.

Release date

The 2016 Honda CR-V should go on sale in December of 2015 in Europe and in January of 2016 in United States.

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2017 Honda CR-V Review, Changes and Release date


2017 Honda CR-V would definitely be a car of the future since it would suffice every standards that a modern SUV should have. Namely, it would have perfect design which would be combined with great engine options and there would certainly be great equipment package.


2017 Honda CR-V Release Date

The manufacturer has not provided any information regarding the potential presentation date of 2017 Honda CR-V in the showrooms around the globe. Nevertheless, it is believed that this SUV would hit the showrooms during the beginning of 2016. Also, we do not have any clue about the commencement of the sales, but it is believed that the sales would begin during the end of 2016, or even during the first half of 2017.


Price of new 2017 Honda CR-V

Taking into account that we are talking about an SUV which has not seen the light of the day, we surely do not have any precise and reliable information about its price. However, it is believed that the price estimates for 2017 Honda CR-V would be available after the official presentation of the SUV, i.e. during the middle of 2016.

Honda CR-V Exterior

2017 Honda CR-V would have a very aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing exterior design since the lines and edges would be very smooth. The car would have four doors, and its trunk part would be slightly raised thus creating bigger cargo area. Also, the model would come with four doors and LED headlights and taillights.

honda cr-v 2017

Interior of new 2017 Honda CR-V

2017 Honda CR-V would have two rows of seats which would be able to receive up to five passengers which can enjoy in leather seats. Also, there is no doubt that the manufacturer would also include a lot of high-tech gadgets, like Bluetooth and iPod connectivity.


2017 Honda CR-V Engine and Transmission

Regarding the engine options, it is also speculated that the manufacturer would offer a variety of engine options and that they would all be very reliable and powerful. First of all, it is believed that the manufacturer would offer a 1.6 liter engine and that this would be a diesel engine capable of producing about 120 horsepower. Then, it is speculated that the manufacturer would also offer a petrol engine version, and that it would be a 1.5 liter engine with the capacity of producing about 130 horsepower. Finally, there are some predictions that the manufacturer would also offer a third engine version, and that it would be the most powerful version, i.e. it would be a 2.2 liter engine. Also, the belief is that the manufacturer would also offer the front-wheel and the four-wheel driving system for 2017 Honda CR-V. Furthermore, it is believed that the manufacturer would significantly reduce fuel consumption.

It is true that 2017 Honda CR-V is still a kind of a mystery; however, there is no doubt that this SUV would certainly have everything an excellent SUV should have, starting from great design, good equipment packages and reliable engine options. We should just wait to see what would be the price range for different variants of this model.

honda 2017 crv

2015 Honda Grace LX Review and Specs


2015 Honda Grace LX would definitely be a very good car option for all those who are in search for a very stable yet powerful enough car, which is also quite affordable.

Release Date

2015 Honda Grace LX has been officially presented to the world market and interested public in January 2016. After that, the manufacturer announced the commencement of sales. Even thought the sales commenced in June 2015, they would be primarily limited for the Japanese market. It is not known whether the manufacturer would release this car for other markets as well.

2015 Honda Grace Hybrid

2016 Honda LX Grece

2015 Honda Grace LX Price

Taking into account the facts that this car has been released and the sales commenced in July this year, we are familiar with the prices for particular trims of 2015 Honda Grace LX. So, there would be two prices for two different types, the first one is with the front-wheel drive and it would be priced at $14 215, while the second one would be the variant with the four-wheel drive for the price of $15 970.

2015 Honda Grace LX Exterior

The lines and edges of continuously variable transmission would be very smooth and aerodynamic which would also have impact in increasing speed and fuel economy. Furthermore, the latest LED technology would be used for the production of headlights and taillights of 2015 Honda Grace LX. Since we are talking about a sedan, the car has four doors and a door for big cargo area. Ina addition to all this, the manufacturer would most probably use wheel of 16 inches for this model. However, it is speculated that he would soon offer the model with 15 –inch wheels.

2016 Honda LX
2016 Honda Grace LX

2015 Honda Grace Hybrid

 Honda Grace LX Interior

2015 Honda Grace LX would have good and aesthetically pleasing interior design which would be combined with good seats and upholstery materials. There would be two rows of seats for total of five passengers. The manufacturer would use good air condition systems and climate system controls. Needs of the market and demands of potential customers made the manufacturer to include a lot of safety options and high-tech accessories. So, there would be Bluetooth, USB and iPod connectivity in addition to satellite navigation.

2016 Honda LX Grece interior
2016-honda-grace-hybrid-05.jpg interior

2015 Honda Grace LX Engine and Transmission

There is not any doubt that the manufacturer included a very reliable and powerful enough engine option. Regarding the engine option of 2015 Honda Grace LX, the manufacturer opted for a 1.5 liter engine under the hood of this car. This would be an engine with direct injection. We are talking about a DOHC i-VTEC engine. This particular engine option would be paired with the automatic transmission, i.e. it would be paired with the continuously variable transmission. This combination of engine option and transmission would result in reduced fuel consumption, which is expected to be about 21.8 km/l. Also, this combination would result in the increase of acceleration rate of the entire car. This engine option would be able to produce about 132 horsepower, which is quite enough.

The combination of good design, great engine performances and equipment package are very nicely combined with affordable price of 2015 Honda Grace LX.