2014 Honda Jazz review and changes

2014 Honda Jazz

The 2014 Honda Jazz, likewise known as Suit Japan, will have its premiere in September this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but it will have to hang around next year to appear in the streets worldwide.
This small Japanese will certainly bring out a rejuvenated design and an updated hybrid engine.

2014 Honda Jazz review

The 2014 Honda Jazz will certainly undertake some changes from the outside. It will certainly have a longer wheelbase which will certainly consequently allow 6.5 cm additional space in the cabin. Baseding on some reports, its exterior appearance will certainly be affected by Honda Urban SUV Concept. These two vehicles will certainly share the very same black grille and rearward tilted headlights. Its taillights will have the form of a diamond and its triangular reflectors will certainly be inserted in its bumper.
Its boot will have the capacity of 400 liters. When it comes to the interior, the 2014 Honda Jazz will be supplied with the seats made from higher quality materials and with a modern control panel. Its dash panel will certainly be provided with a huge touch display. Furthermore, a lot of practical buttons from the previous model will be replaced with the pad sensitive on the touch. Normally, the in of this 3rd generation Japanese will provide the impression of spaciousness and convenience.

new 2014 Honda jazz


The biggest adjustment is a new seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox that is combined to a 1.5-litre as opposed to 1.3-litre petroleum engine with electric motor. It permits much smoother and direct velocity compared to the outward bound hybrid’s instead woeful continually changeable transmission (CVT).

The normal, petrol versions of the 2014 Honda Jazz, nevertheless, will remain to use a CVT transmission and stick with the old-style gearstick. And offered how far out the Australian launch is, we’re unsure if it will certainly get the flowing LCD display in any type of variation– though we could presume that it will for the mid- and top-spec models.

Jazz 2014

The hybrid drivetrain has a combined energy result of 103kW. The typical automobile will certainly be readily available with the exact same engine unassisted with 97kW and 155Nm while the 1.3-litre base design continues at 73kW and 119Nm.

Price of 2014 Honda Jazz

The price of the 2014 Honda Jazz is determined at around $ 14,000 whereas the hybrid version will certainly be $ 3,000 more expensive.

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