2014 Honda Goldwing: The King of the Road

2014 Honda Goldwing

Double the performance and comfort and comfort encompassing long distances ride experience are the new 2014 Honda Goldwing. This new innovation from Honda is designed for extraordinary carrying capacity that is very remarkable for any road journey. For any road conditions and distances, the new Honda Goldwing is geared to handle it all. It is built with amongst the most innovative and high technological features that will provide the most comfortable travel experience on wheels. For over 30 years in the market, Honda Goldwing has been a popular choice for a comfortable bike ride and these recent days, the legacy has to do on.

2014 Honda Goldwing review

The 118 horsepower drive with smooth engine power makes a luxurious experience for both driver and passenger. With Honda as forefront for the best motorcycle enjoyment, bike lovers will definitely love the features that the new Goldwing has to offer. Apart from the smooth gliding experience that the engine provides, you will have all the comforts of full packed entertainment all the way to your journey.

2014 Honda Gold Wing was presented in New York in 2013

With the built in SRS CS auto surround sound system, you have all the luxury of an iPod/MP3 interface which could play all your favored tunes along the way. When you are at the junction, you can be guided by the high innovative GPS receiver that could catch satellite signals. Moreover, it is likewise equipped with a significant navigational system that will serve as your guide.

The 2014 Honda Goldwing is one of the most excellent and luxurious bike collections of the next generation. This motorbike model will keep you comfortable in any kind of distance traveled with its designed smooth suspension, sleek body engineering and absolute wind protection. Space comfort of the passenger is a thing that this model doesn’t have to compromise.

Another presentation of the new Honda Gold Wing 2014

With its spacious area for the luggage, the seating comforts of the passenger are at all times kept comfortable. Your things and belongings are guaranteed to be likewise in good condition with the spacious storage area. The Goldwing airbag is also a great feature that comes along this model. This will secure a much safer travel experience. This motorbike is only designed for excellent performance but ensures maximum safety for its passengers.

The 2014 Honda Goldwing will be much exquisite with its looks with the stunning paint combination. This will be released with a gray metallic and light silver metallic shades along with candy red and ultra blue metallic colors. Included in the high technological features of the 2014 Honda Goldwing is XM radio, traffic and weather that is incorporated in a satellite based navigational system and the Audio Comfort Navi XM. The upgraded anti lock system is likewise incorporated in this model concept. There are still a lot of features and accessories made advanced for riding comforts. The 2014 Honda Goldwing is perfectly the King of the roads which is perfectly engineered to provide maximum comforts, enjoyment and performance in any road condition at all distances. Experience Honda Goldwing and explore life!

2014 Honda Goldwing gallery

2014 Honda Gold Wing
2014 Honda Goldwing motorcycle
new 2014 Honda Gold Wing

Read more about Honda’s new motorcycle: http://powersports.honda.com/2014/gold-wing.aspx

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