2014 Honda Fit with a new braking system


Honda Fit hatchback is quite large, not also solid. On the other side of the auto is easy to take care of and very economical gas usage makes use of merely three litres of fuel per 100 kilometers.New 2014 Fit will come with the very best feasible modern technology.

2014 Honda Fit side view

We still do not have a great deal of info regarding the new Honda Fit, since Honda has not provide us a lot official details, however what we do understand is that they will switch following year from high-cost Japan to affordable Mexico. This should lessen the sales price of the auto, and as a result we can expect a slightly lower price of the 2014 Honda Fit. Exactly what we also understand is that Honda will officially introduce its Active Brake City automatic stopping system through the redesigned 2014 Fit, although it has not yet verified the device for the UNITED STATE market.

2014 Honda Fit rear side

Will CVT be utilized in the 2014 Honda Match?

There is no trusted and proper response on that concern, but we believe that we will see a CVT in the 2014 Honda Fit. The Honda Fit (additionally called the Jazz in some markets) subcompacts offered elsewhere are currently provided with a CVT. The present US-spec Fit is sold with either a five-speed guide or automatic transmission, however previous reports suggest that CVT will ultimately make their means via Honda’s schedule as part of the firm’s new suite of Earth Dream Technologies Aimed at lessening fuel intake. Although there is not yet confirmed anything for Honda Fit, Honda revealed 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with direct treatment. Likewise still no main specification, yet there are signs that this engine will be a 5 % gas efficient. Additionally this Honda engine offers 6 % improvement in torque. It is determined the engine will be the brand-new CVT transmission, with the combo causing a 15 percent improvement in velocity and 10 percent bump in gas economy.

2014 Honda Fit Interior

Vehicle brake attribute indicates that the Urban area Active Brake Device will certainly alert the driver through visual and audio messages if there is hazard of a crash ahead. If the motorist still wants to risk it, the vehicle will certainly take over and the device will brake instantly. Not only automated stopping, City Active Brake Device additionally has a component that avoids interference when the automobile is switched on. We additionally anticipate that the 2014 Honda Fit have also better fuel economy. Permit remind you that the current Honda Fit has 117 hp and 106 lb-ft of torque, while providing 28 mpg urban area, 35 mpg motorway and an integrated 31 mpg.>

Watch the video clip that has prepared our friend Hondapro Jason:

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